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You've seen them at the beach, sifting through sand. Well, get exercise and start your own treasure hunting for gold and silver up to 2.5 meters down.  You can post ads for people who lost rings, keys, ask farmers to split the booty if you find anything in exchange for letting you search on their land.  Beaches, festivals, and parks are treasures waiting to be found!  Send me pictures of your bounty and I will post it on the blog! 

Comes with a briefcase to keep everything compact.  FREE SHIPPING

P.S. I have my own metal detector.  I think I'm going to use it this weekend at the park.

Miss Adventures


Model Number: AS944
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Power Type: Rechargeable
With LCD Screen Or Not: Yes
Detectable Indication: Audio/LED Light
Maximum Explore Depth: 2.5m(1*1m Aluminium board)
Detectable Mode : Ground Balance/Discrimination
Explore Frequency : 7.0khz
Ferrous& Non-ferrous Metal Distinguish : yes
Continous Operating Time : 6-10 hours
Low Battery Indication/earphone jacket: yes
Sensitivity Adjustable/ Torch Light: yes
Power : 1200mA Li-battery
Product Net Weight/Product Size: 2220g/30*30*113.5cm